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Our Love Story

We met in 2015 when Angela's sister Maria and Mike's friend Mauricio "strategically" convinced them to venture out to a group gathering.

We immediately became friends and it grew into a spark we couldn’t ignore. We were married in 2016, and have been through so much together over the past 7 years - job changes, dream house renovations, traveling, loss, welcoming new nieces and nephews and a daughter. Through all this, as a couple, we have just gotten stronger. We live in New York, close to our extended families, and can always be found having weekly meals together or sharing jokes in group texts.

We cherish our family fun days, traveling, having living room dance parties and spending as much quality time with family as possible.

We are a couple that loves new adventures and the simple life with lazy days at home. We feel so blessed to have such a strong relationship and have so much fun together.

We are very thrilled to grow our family!

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